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rest + Resilience lab

A Space for Individual Practice

The Rest + Resilience Lab is a space to question, discover, and practice coping skills that give rest and grow antifragility. This is a coaching space for adults and youth to develop stronger identity awareness, embodiment, emotional regulation, and recovery from trauma. Because trauma is held in the body (nervous system, muscles, tissues), every practice in the Rest + Resilience Lab is centered on the mind, body, and spirit working together for more intention, wholeness, and movement. Although the experience is driven by the strengths and goals of the person, the time spent is supported by mindfulness practices and therapeutic technique. Invite ease, balance, gratitude and joy into your life with a personal coaching practice guided by Brittni.

Breathwork + Movement 


This practice combines mindful movement, elements of dance movement therapy, breath work, balancing and tension releasing exercises to build emotional regulation and resilience.

Sound Healing


Using crystal singing bowls, bells, hand drums, song and self-reflection, the body is bathed in soothing sound for a practice of deep relaxation without any expectation. The experience is primarily no-contact however vibrations from the instruments when close to the body may be felt as a sort of sound massage.

Youth (3 -17 years)


Youth enjoy sound exploration, learn mindful listening and begin to find their own appreciation for practicing calmness.  Crystal singing bowls, song, nature and self-reflection are used for developmentally appropriate sound experience. Parents may quietly co-practice with children 3 - 5 years old as reinforcement.


Thai Massage


This fully assisted experience mobilizes joints, stretches, uses pressure point stimulation, and improves emotional well-being. Thai Massage is more active or dynamic in that the practitioner is using their hands, thumbs, feet, elbows, and knees to stretch, pull, and rock different parts of your body into guided positions. There is no experience necessary as the massage is not strenuous and is tailored to meet the body where it is.

This therapeutic touch is practiced on a Thai mat placed on the floor instead of a massage table. Clients are fully clothed.

Mindfulness + Movement 

Youth (3 - 17 years) 

Young people explore mindfulness, elements of dance movement therapy, social stories, breath work, and sensory exercises to develop their emotional vocabulary, self-awareness and practice emotional regulation.





These sessions are created to offer your nervous system a complete reset. Each session layers multiple practices to address feelings of dysregulation. All sessions will have moments of guided reflection but differ in offering either assisted movement or Thai, and end with options of a full body steam and refreshments. These sessions are designed to emotionally and physically support healing the body's stress response after trauma.

  • Recharge

Sound Healing | Body Steam ​

  • Resilience ​

Thai Massage OR Guided Flow | Sound Healing​

  • Restore  

​Thai Massage OR Assisted Restorative | Steam | Tea/Tonic/Smoothie     

  • Take Rest 

​Thai Massage or Assisted Restorative | Sound Healing | Essential Oil Body Steam | Tea/Tonic + Snack, Rest

What Clients Say


N., Mindfulness + Movement

"I enjoyed Ms. Kellom and she's relatable. I had never really relaxed before like that unless it was time for me to sleep."
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