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The B+ METHOD is a system of sensory-based interventions used to have an effective Healing Centered Educational Engagement approach to behavior. The method isn't simply a response to youth but a playbook for the mindset and behavior of adults who interact with them. Offered through sessions, space design and speaking experiences, the B+ METHOD is custom-fit for your intention and an opportunity to collaborate based on the principles of resilience.

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The Path to Success 

An empowered team of teachers, staff, administration (and parents too!) means growing the muscle for best practices in healing centered educational engagement-an approach that elevates every child from any background. By creating an engaged culture, we develop approaches that build more resilient youth.

Everything Brittni had to say was great and very informative. My favorite take-away is that she is not only a counselor, a founder of a place for healing from trauma, but has been an educator for youth experiencing special needs.

Psychology Student, Baker College

Kudos and thanks to you Ms. Kellom!
Your expertise, diligence, boundless patience, tenacity, and good humor are having a positive impact on our young ladies in the middle school.

We appreciate all you're doing 'Ms. Brittni'!!

Sheree Burns & June Teisan, Harper Woods Teachers

I appreciated Brittni's personal experience dealing with trauma and her knowledge about the subject--very enthusiastic, informative, and helpful!

Training Participant

Ms. Kellom has succeeded to establish herself as a very serious, knowledgeable, capable and effective instructor of students with special needs, maintaining high academic and behavior standards for students. She motivates student achievement by designing interesting and challenging lessons. She develops good rapport with students, staff, and parents.

Detroit Principal, PreK - 8 School


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