Space design options are available in four focus options: Hallway, Area, Room, and Tools & Modalities. Elements can be pulled from each focus making no two spaces the same.

Full Service 

Full service design is a start-to-finish approach to a room or area. This option is great for projects of all sizes and is completely customized to your unique needs. The end result will be functional and beautiful.


Receive advice at any stage of the project. This can be a one-time consultation or a series of meetings. A full service design always begins with a consultation.


Available for any space, styling is an ideal choice for hallway projects or areas that can be healing-centered enhanced with sensory tools and aesthetic elements. Assistance is given to edit and update your space then we create an optimized layout. 


A space for self-reflection and relieving frustration is extremely important for anyone--especially in environments focused on children. The entire physical space and aesthetic of a school, office, or organization should be energizing and engaging. Quite frankly, it should look: cool.

Functional, inviting, and creative. Brittni designs spaces with children in mind and for the culture you want to create.