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trauma informed educator lab (TIEL)

  • 12-week evidence-based training lab

  • Two focus areas: School or Community 

  • Labs are in-person and virtual

  • Practicums 

  • Mentor Meetings

  • RESTORE Kit and Lab Playbook for each participant

The space for educators to make trauma informed care a practice in their own life and an intentional way to hold space for others.​

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Who's this for?

TIEL is for any person who has an advocacy or instructional role. We celebrate the term educator to simply mean anybody who is responsible for teaching and contributes to another's learning development.

What will I learn?

  • Self-care, Emotion regulation and Reflection

  • Yoga, Breathing and Movement

  • Empathy for Self and Others

  • Identities and Systems

  • Foundations of Trauma

  • Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma

  • Youth and Trauma

  • Neurobiology of trauma

  • Behaviors of trauma

  • Educators as Healers (mindset, language, behavior)

  • Trauma Theory

  • Sensory-based strategies for healing

  • Trauma-informed care in practice

  • Recognizing, celebrating and creating patterns of resilience

What is the cost?

The Trauma-Informed Educator Lab is $850. 

Are there scholarship opportunities?

Scholarships are given to 2-3 educators who hold BIPOC and other marginalized identities. A school, agency, or organization may choose to sponsor their own educator/educator team for professional development. 

Is there a certification or license attached to the TIEL?

Participation in TIEL does not result in any certification or licensure of any kind.

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