Stimulation and Relaxation
Pillow Seating
In-Office Restorative Circle
A space of versatility & comfort
Calm Down Space
Fun Seating & Vibrancy
Sensory Ambiance in Office Space
Calming Space w/ Sensory Modalities
Multi-Sensory Room


Designed with the intention of promoting rapid decrease in stress response, self-reflection, increased peer communication, the practice of healthy coping skills and a pause from over-stimulation.



Higher engagement, higher performance. To increase teaching and learning, we focus on three design factors: naturalness, individualization, and stimulation. Light, nature, sound, color, access to choice and the balance between space and busyness are core aspects of every design.


Options for high activity but capable of providing more quiet practices, this is a perfect choice for a variety of youth needs and space availability. Made with a combination of pathways, sensory tools and equipment to increase self-regulation through sense integration.