Private Sessions: Individual Work

Sessions are designed based on the needs of the individual but the outcome is the same: mind, body, and spirit working together to create a journey of intention, restoration, and movement. Although the experience is driven by the strengths of the person, the time spent in session is supported by therapeutic practices and mindfulness techniques. Invite ease, regulation, gratitude and joy into your life with a private session led by Brittni.

Breathwork + Meditation

  • Bring attention to the breath, understand its full purpose and develop a practice of checking in with yourself that provides rest but keeps you aligned with every good that awaits you.

Mindful Moment

  • Youth can enjoy time devoted to them building self-regulation skills with an introduction to mindfulness, foundational breathwork, and goal setting. As they gain awareness of their bodies, they begin to understand how their mind processes the world around them. Sessions can include developing a practice with a family member or guardian. (ages 3 to 10)

*Adult accompaniment required for ages 3 to 6 years old.

Breathwork + Meditation + Movement

  • Linking various breath types with intention-setting and movement promotes a resilient nervous system while connecting you to your body. The flow in this session is your best mix of energy, release, and grounding. Besides your perfectly enough self, bring your journal, mat or cushion, essential oil blend, and download the playlist. Now, we're ready to begin.

Breathwork + Meditation + Movement

  • Young people explore emotions, thoughts and behaviors as a way to understand and awaken positive core values. Practical support is given for challenges discussed that appear to be blocking strengths from emerging. Focus on the breath, drawing attention inward, and moving the body sparks the ability to allow the stress of the day to fall away--creating a sense of connectedness and encouraging positive social engagement. Sessions can include developing a practice with a family member or guardian. (ages 11 to 17)