B+ METHOD services and packages are designed with diverse needs in mind. 

Training for Youth Centered Spaces

Develop, practice, and maintain strategies that are based in relationship building, trauma education and pull from the strengths of your young people. I believe in getting the best out of you, so you can get the best out of them.

How it Works: Sessions are outlined in four focus packages that are created with flexibility to mix and match under a theme. Select five sessions to make one complete focus package or choose a single session of interest!



  • Acting Out! Trauma in Students

  • What's in a Misbehavior?

  • Trauma Informed PBIS

  • Referrals to Self-Regulation: Transforming the Standard

  • A Mindful Mindset

  • Implementing Behavior Reinforcement and Consequence

  • The B+ METHOD: Classroom Culture & Strategy


  • Mindfulness 

  • Mindfulness w/the Mini: Parent and Child

  • Yoga for the Classroom

  • Space Design


  • B+ METHOD: Classroom Culture & Strategy

  • Healing Centered Educational Engagement

  • Understanding Childhood Trauma

  • Acting Out! Trauma in Students

  • Becoming an Advocate

  • Healing Centered Parent Practices

  • Adopting a Mindful Mindset

  • HCEE Curriculum Design


  • Child Welfare Trauma

  • Sexual Assault Advocate/Counselor Training (Department of Justice)

  • Child Sexual Abuse


Needs that are outside of training sessions can be addressed in some of the following areas.

  • Crisis Plan Development and Implementation

  • Creating a Trauma-Informed Culture: Evaluation and Implementation

  • The Unlearning: Support Staff

  • Classroom Observation

  • School-wide and Classroom Incentive Approaches